The legendary Arabian stallion Menes (Nabeg x Metropolia).

Amoung the Russian bred Arabian horses the bloodlines of Menes are very sought after, therefore linebreeding is often used to breed horses with several lines to Menes to improve his quality. Because Menes has proven himself as a showhorse but it are his children that proved to be able to pass his properties and his breedingquality on to their offspring. There are many champions among his get and grandget.

Menes was sold in 1983 to the USA where he has sired over 200 foals, many of them are show winners. His offspring is wellknown from every corner of the world and gained titles at the highest showlevel. Menes is awarded with the Elite-title by the Russian Studbook. From 1981 till 1983 Menes was Chief Sire on the Russian State Stud Tersk. More American people had tried to buy Menes in Russia, but got a NJET as answer all the time. But in 1983, afther 10 months of negotiating, Fidelis International (Arles Arabians of the Family Weinstein from Wisconsin and Simon Chilewic of the Chilewich Corporation from New York) succeeded to buy Menes for the amount of 1.250.000 dollar and a percentage of the breedingfees in de USA. The breedingfee in the USA for a breeding by Menes was 25.000 dollar with special conditions.


Menes, Arabiche volbloedhengst van wereldklasse

After that Menes was leased both in Belgium and the Netherlands from 1992 on, Jean Mattens together with Mr. J. Bakker from the Netherlands succeeded in 1994 to buy Menes with his extraordinary breedingquality after a long time of negotiations with Mr. M. Weinstein. Naturally the acquisition of Menes was World-shaking news among Arabian horselovers. Menes was stabled at the family A. Kuijf in the Netherlands. On February 18th 2001 Menes who cannot be praised enough, died at the age of 24 of a heart attack.

Some facts:

Arabisch Volbloed Menes

Nabeg Arax Amurath Sahib 35 Amurath II (Amurath x Fatme)
Sahiba (Nana Sahib I x Donka)
Angara Wielki Szlem (Ofir x Elegantka)
Brda (Mersuch II x 21 Siglavy Bagdad III)
Nomenklatura Naseem Skowronek (Ibrahim x Jaskolka)
Nasra (Daoud x Nefisa)
Mammona Ofir (Kuhailan-Haifi x Dziwa)
Krucica (Farys II x Dora)
Metropolia Priboj Piolun Koheilan I (Koheilan IV x 10 Gazal)
Dziewanna (Bakszysz x Kalina)
Rissalma Shareer (Nureddin II x Selima)
Rissla (Berk x Risala)
Mammona Ofir Kuhailan-Haifi (Kuhailan Kharas x KuhailaHaifi)
Dziwa (Abu Mlech x Zulejma)
Krucica Farys II (Mlech I x Sahara IV)
Dora (Bakszysz x Pomponia)

Source: Arabian Studbook of the Netherlands Newsletter May 2001;

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